Domain Registration & Management

We have an online instant registration service to compete with the many others in this market at BizzyNet. We do claim it has the advantage of one of the best, most flexible control panels in the business whilst being extremely competitive if you just need a domain or two.

However if you are a web designer or a company who need to administer a large range of disparate domains this may not be the ideal solution. You need to get on and run your business without the constant worry about renewing or losing domains. Plus not have to worry about the idiosyncrasies of the DNS world that can send your website into an unfindable wilderness.

We can offer an integrated solution being a full Nominet Registrar, GoDaddy ICANN agent and our own distributed nameservers which can be tailored to your precise needs. We can if you wish:

  • Search & Register New Domains
  • Customise nameservers in your own name
  • Manage payment of all fees into one budgetable annual charge
  • Configure DNS or give you access to do so

We currently have over 300 domains under our management. Our Nominet tag is BIZZ.
Nominet Domains registered on our tag are subject to Nominet’s T&Cs.
The important features of this for you include:

  • Your obligation to provide and maintain accurate contact details
  • Allow Nominet to keep your contact details and publish the WHOIS
  • Not to use your domain in an unlawful manner
  • Allow Nominet to administer your domain (transfer to another tag) if we should fail

Any complaint? We want to fix it fast here