Bizz has been building websites for over twenty years.

We are experts in bespoke HTML coding and serverside PERL scripting. We can do things that other web designers can only shake their heads at. Its a specialist area and maybe your needs are more straightforward. We have a solution for that – our new QwikSites service. Indeed this site was written and built in a day using QwikSites technology and WordPress MultiSite CMS.

Today we use that experience to help integrate traditional websites with modern CMS products to leverage past investment with modern responsive technology.

There is a huge and fast change in the way people are accessing the internet. Shortly the traditional PC desktop with a full size screen will be in a minority. The majority of your users will be expecting full functionality on their tablet devices or smartphones. Does your existing website scale well to these new devices? Have you checked it out on your smartphone? Does your competitor look better?

Check this website on your tablet or smartphone. Note how it reformats itself to fit the screen whether large, small or tiny.

We can help you make the change quickly and inexpensively. Call us now.